Is Your Blog a Lead Generation Machine, if Not … Bryan Eisenberg, A Genius In Headline Testing

head shot Bryan Eisenberg, conversion optimization expert and master of headline testing and lead generationJust read Bryan Eisenberg’s latest blog post about the sophisticated shift in content marketing and the importance of headline testing.

I “met” Bryan the first time in 2010 as I went through the conversion optimization training course (now landing page and conversion optimization course) he was and still is guiding. And I learned immense about the importance and how-to of optimizing my and my clients content for online visitors to increase the websites’ conversion rate.

That’s the reason why I love Bryan’s latest content marketing post where he shares how something “boring” as headline testing can make or break the conversion rate of your blog post.

What he describes there, I learned the same in the last 12 months. Interrupting your online visitors thought process so they can really “see” you and what you want to share with them, that’s the key.

More and more people, left brainers too, just skip the content and read headlines only.

So what do you think, how important becomes headline testing in 2014?

Headline Testing – If you Don’t Do It, You Won’t Ever Find Your Gold Pot Under The Rainbow

In his blog post Bryan described how he tested four different ones:

  •     How to Convert More Blog Visitors
  •     Proven Techniques for Converting Blog Visits
  •     Is Your Blog Doing it’s Job Effectively?
  •     Is Your Blog a Lead Generation Machine, if Not Here is Why

Take a second and guess, which one did the best?

Don’t be surprised to read that (I guessed the same ;)

1. How to Convert More Blog Visitors (0%)
2. Proven Techniques For Converting Blog Visits (-25.9%)
3. Is your Blog Doing It’s Job Effectively? (+79.7%)
4. Is your Blog a Lead Generation Machine, If Not Here Is Why (+92.7%)

It’s number four that interrupted us the most in our own thought process. Wow!

Bryan suggests the following to improve our content results

1. Write down a bunch of headlines you can think of

2. Pick the best ones for testing purposes

3. Test them. You can do it for free with Google Analytics – Content Experiments or follow Bryan’s suggestion to use the
headlines plugin by KingSuma ($99) (KingSuma also has a plugin available to set up giveaways)

4. Run the test

Are you an online entrepreneurs or professional who would like to learn more about conversion optimization and headline testing?

Courses about Landing Page & Conversion Optimization, guided by Bryan Eisenberg:

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